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Friday, April 16, 2021
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Kevin Bolstad (Capturing the North)

There Is never a dull moment for artists here in the north, the scenery is enchanting and the experiences are never ending. For Kevin Bolstad, the northern beauty has inspired his work for more...

Wren Acorn (Forged in the North)

For a high end athlete here in the north, you don't get the same advantages as you would elsewhere, training is less geared toward specific individuals, meaning if you want to keep up with...

Deline (The birthplace of hockey in Canada)

To Canadians, hockey is more than just our national sport, for some of us, it is our lifeblood. In Deline, hockey is not just a sport that kids and adults play for fun, for...

Gourmet Cup Cafe

At its core Yellowknife is a working town, and the fuel for any working town is coffee. And for decades upon decades the Gourmet Cup Cafe has been serving up coffee to yellowknifers every...
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Prince of Wales Northern Heritage Center Daring Lake Site

The territory is absolutely of amazing history that you can see, But what it is even more full of is the history you cannot see. And the people that unearth it are the great...

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