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Abe Drennan

For this True North Tale, I sat down and interviewed another great northern artist, this time, Abe Drennan. He started off our chat talking about the beginnings of his musical journey and how he wasn’t the first performer in his family

Ever since I can remember my dad would play songs, around the house. The guitar was always kicking around on the couch or whatever and he was a performer So, but I think for me personally. Music was always around, but I picked up the guitar when I was probably around maybe 12, 11 or 12, and Dad showed me a few chords and taught me King Of The Road by Roger Miller,

Almost a decade ago he came up to Inuvik for three months of substitute teaching at East Three Elementary School and Abe enjoyed Inuvik so much that when the three months were over, he went back to Ontario to move the rest of his family to the north.

We had a little farm had goats and chickens and we sold everything and packed up the van with two cats, a dog, and our two boys, and all of our personal belongings. My guitar was strapped to the roof because they couldn’t fit in the back of the van and we drove

Since he has such a love for music and teaching. He loves melding those two worlds together whenever he gets the chance

So every day I play the guitar to my students, for my students, I use it in transitions when they’re quietly reading I might pick up the guitar and put the song or two, so I use it throughout my day, and it’s a, it’s a great tool, it did, you know, it helps me it helps them

All of Abe’s music can be found at his website And to end off my True North Tale with Abe Drennan. He tells me what inspires him,

What really stirs my heart and inspires me to write is a constant search for, you know, our common humanity and hope for the world and that’s always been something that I’m trying to articulate in my music and in my songs and I bring nature in, and that grounds me and allows me to write hopeful messages about our future and about state of the world in the state of how I interpret. You know what’s happening around me, you know, that kind of stuff, sort of stirs my heart and inspires me to write and try to find a hopeful message that I can put out there.

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