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Sunday, September 24, 2023

Wing Freak

For this true north tale, I sat down with Lawrence and Eric, the owners of Wing Freak, one of Yellowknife’s, newest eateries. And to start off the chat, Eric tells me about their original plans for the business and how the pandemic made them change those plans.

Due to the pandemic. actually, our original plan was to open up a business in the Philippines. So I think this is like a blessing in disguise, that COVID happened. So there’s the negative and the positive that happens through this pandemic, but I think the positive that happened for us is having the Wing Freak here in Yellowknife. And our future plan for this one is to have a physical store here in Yellowknife our own store and branch it out-Eric

And then Lawrence the head chef at Wing Freak talks about how he never expected to find a passion for cooking

 I never really cooked until I got my job at Chateau Nova ever since I just loved it you know the process that people that I’m working with, you know the environment in the kitchen and everything like that-Laurence

Eric who handles the business side of Wing Freak says he enjoys what they do every day but he never expected being on the business side of the food industry.

I didn’t imagine myself doing this part but sometimes you’ll never know what’s going to happen and then what we’re doing right now like we’ve been enjoying it there’s a lot of lessons it’s been a big adjustment but I think every single day that we’ve been doing this it’s like a big accomplishment and it’s a big lesson-Eric

Even though it was pretty hard for them to choose Laurence and Eric tell me their favorite flavors that Wing Freak offers

 Laurence says they’re all good actually. But the one that I liked the most was honey Sriracha. Eric says I love the honey Sriracha and garlic parmesan. Those two are my favorite but all of the flavors are good. Like they’re really good. But you know, my two favorites, just those two.- Laurence and Eric, The Owners of Wing Freak

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