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Jeremy MacDonald and S**t I found Diving In YK

What started off as one guy’s hobby soon turned into a Facebook page with over 3000 likes, and then it turned into a successful community TV show for this True North Tale I sat down with Jeremy MacDonald, the creator of Shit I Found Diving in YK Jeremy’s always had an interest in diving but the ball really got rolling on a fishing trip with his son, when they found a bunch of fish hooks under the water, and they had an impromptu fish hook garage sale, this got people to contact Jeremy and be like, Hey, I lost this and this link and you go find it. And this started Jeremy’s reputation as the guy who can find stuff that you’ve lost in the lake. One day Jeremy was just diving and found a big battleship sized anchor, and it was this anchor that would take his hobby to the next level,

I posted online saying like I’ve found this anchor if anybody needs an anchor for battleship or scrap metal or whatever, please take this off of my lawn, and the post didn’t go anywhere like It was in Yellowknife classifieds forever, and nobody was buying this thing. Somebody had commented in there you know I love your comments, I love the jokes that you make about the shit you find diving, you should start a web page for this, so I responded back to tell you what if somebody buys the stupid anchor, I’m going to start a web page for the shit I found diving in Yellowknife. And about a day later, somebody said hey I take that anchor for 100 bucks, sold the anchor, and true to my word we created the shit I found diving in Yellowknife page on Facebook,

It almost seemed like fate when Jeremy and his friends went to Top Knight for wing night and when they got there they found that it wasn’t only wing night but there was also a contest going on to pitch your own TV show,

my friend gives me the elbow and says you should go pitch about Shit I found diving, so went up, answer the questions here’s the demographic here’s what it would look like. Here’s the format, and the judges loved it, we got an award of some WAMP bucks, so the Western Arctic Moving Pictures was a great support we got some promise of funding from Northwestel, we went out and made a pilot episode that went from there,

Throughout his years of diving Jeremy’s found out, you’d never really know what you’re gonna find under the water,

We went down to Jean Marie River and help the community pull the car out of Jean Marie River, we headed out to the east arm we were looking for some ghost fishing nets. So nets that have been abandoned or lost, whether it’s still harming the environment but out at the Cameron River, we found a marijuana grinder, full of weed, we call that seaweed, we thought that was appropriate

Filming the show for community TV has allowed Jeremy to dive in some pretty incredible places.

Last Season we got a chance to go up to Ulukhaktok so we actually did a dive in the Arctic Ocean, clarity, the water up there was phenomenal just as good as you’d see in the Caribbean, and what we were all amazed by was Arctic jellyfish. So kind of the same jellyfish you see in the Caribbean are floating around up in the Arctic too, so that was an amazing opportunity to just to go and do that dive,

if you’re interested in seeing some of the items that Jeremy has found while diving in the north, or if you’re interested in learning to scuba yourself you can check out the Shit I Found Diving in YK Facebook page and to end the chat Jeremy tells us how it feels that people come up and tell them they love the show,

Amazing, like people you don’t expect, who would be watching the community TV channel come out and say hey, that was a great episode a great show love your stuff.- Jeremy MacDonald of Shit I Found Diving in YK

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