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Dayna King — crosswalk commemoration

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So she had reposted it Yellowknife classified and I’d seen similar ones to it. And then I reposted it on my own feed and said I’d love to see it at hay river. And then a few people were commenting that they really liked it And so we kind of got the town involved then and from there.

Dayna King

It was a simple beginning but graphic artists Dayna King hopes the project that she works on, a crosswalk with feather designs to commemorate Indigenous peoples day will be spread around different communities in the territory.

Town administration said there aren’t currently any plans to spread the design to other parts of a river.

But King says she has the plans readily downloadable and can give them to anyone who wants to see the work recreated in their own community.

I think really, the sky’s the limit what they want to do with it. I’d love to see it be used over and over again and maybe different colors in different locations.

Dayna King
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