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The Rotary Park and Boardwalk

This is a True North Tale on the Rotary Park and Boardwalk, to start off the chat, here’s the rotary President Wayne Guy with a bit of information on what Rotary is

Rotary is a service organization that’s been operating in Yellowknife for the last 50 years.

We help the community on several projects and have been involved with several key projects in town, including Rotary Park-Wayne Guy, President of The Yellowknife Rotary Club

Rotarian Peter Vician and talks about how the club came up with the idea for the Rotary Park and boardwalk,

in celebration of Rotary International the 100 year celebration which was 2005 we approached the city to take on another project, and this was in 2003. At that time, President Seamus Henry said Let’s do another park for another project of that nature, we approached the city. We worked with the city and they looked at their waterfront development plan and the lands in that area had not been developed it was a bit of a scraggly kind of area and nothing really there, they said let’s develop this as a Rotary Park, we began that project then in 2003, and since then have been continuing to add to that park and the boardwalk that exists there,

Aside from the ground not always being the easiest to build on and the logistics of getting some building materials, Peter talks to us about some of the challenges that the club ran into when they were constructing the Rotary Park and Boardwalk.

Rotarians traditionally hate to say it but we’re a little on the older side of the of the demographic and, you know, hauling a lot of lumber and a lot of gravel and a lot of other materials tends to put a little strain on on a few parts of the body on the weekend, but we’re, we’re a hearty type and we had a lot of volunteer help from across the community too so I can’t say enough about how people came together to build this project.

After all of their hard work to put the park together and their continued work to keep the park maintained, Peter loves hearing about memories being created at either the Park or the Boardwalk. Here’s a great story about a memory created at the boardwalk that Peter heard from a fellow Rotarian,

He arrived at the boardwalk and a celebration was underway with signs and a whole group of family around, and the young man got down on his knees and made a proposal to his fiancĂ©e Of course now and it was quite a celebration so many many stories of how people have used the boardwalk for celebratory activities, and it’s so good to see

if you’re interested in joining the Rotary Club and helping them out with any further projects they’re planning this summer they’ll be meeting at the Rotary Park every Thursday for lunch and it’s free for anyone to drop in at any time. And lastly, here’s Peter talking about his favorite part of putting the Park and Boardwalk together,

Aside from what it has done for the community is the fellowship that emerged between Rotarians and their families who are always down there working together, spending time together, Getting to know each other, we’re all busy people and having that group get together on a common project of that nature was nothing more than, than stellar in terms of an experience.- Peter Vician, Yellowknife Rotarian

Listen to the full TNT here

Photo Credited to Emily H. Photography

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