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Tuesday, September 26, 2023


The CIB or the Crazy Indians Brotherhood is a brotherhood of people around Canada who work in Chapters to help give back to their communities, and for this True North Tale I sat down with the President and the Vice-President of the Yellowknife chapter of the CIB. And to start off the chat I asked President Jay to explain more about what the CIB is

The main goal of the CIB is to assist young Aboriginal men who are trying to leave the lifestyle of addiction violence and crime, remember our doors are open to all nationalities and ages wishing to accomplish these objectives for themselves, having members from different backgrounds and aspects of life. We can provide some well nourished, advice and guidance on any personal issues. We promote a safe, affirming place to be heard as brothers. We support each other in any way possible to achieve ones dreams or purpose in life,

Some of the ways that the Crazy Indians Brotherhood have helped out around the community so far have been they hosted a toy drive around Christmas time and they’ve spent some time on weekends helping feed the homeless, I asked Jay what made him want to start the Yellowknife chapter of the Crazy Indians Brotherhood.

I was actually working downtown in the downtown core at the mall, and just kind of started getting to know, see more of the street people and getting to know a lot of them, and just kind of started to see like the social issues and stuff that were here I presented the brothers from the National Council with starting the chapter here to just made me start bringing more awareness to the homeless population and stuff in Yellowknife

Jay is supported by the other great members of the Yellowknife chapter of the CIB like his Vice-President Michael here’s Michael talking about what he wants to do as a member of the CIB.

I want the people who are on the streets, you know, to actually to see me, the improvements that i’m making the choices that I make and stuff like that, you know. I want to kind of burn a trail, you know, in a sense because I was there. I’m one of them, that’s another thing too, and I’m doing everything in my power to give back

To end off the chat here’s Jay talking about how successful the CIB’s bottle drives have been, and if you want to donate your empties to the Crazy Indians Brotherhood, just head down to the bottle depot and drop them off under the name Michael fat,

We all had prospects and Mike and everybody else decapping them and cleaning them making sure we’ve got them all out there right, it’s just it’s been a great actually overwhelming success for what Yellowknife has done like people tell him like hey we’re seeing all your models where you guys like, I don’t think we’d, be were we were, if he (Mike) didn’t take charge and Mike didn’t do that.

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