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Andrea Bettger

Andrea Bettger is a northern artist who finds a massive amount of inspiration for her work here in the NWT,

The outdoors, especially in, in particular, because. My kids grew up in an off-grid situation, so they’re very resilient, They’re way tougher than I am.

It’s during the summer when Andrea gets to take her kids out and enjoy the territory as much as she wants with them.

You know, they’re not in school and we can just go out and play and observe, go on hikes and find things that we find interesting in the bush and just everything about it. It’s such a beautiful place to explore and the summer here is just so amazing.

Andrea’s inspiration doesn’t just come from living out on the land. It also comes from her experiences out on the land.

We also, as a family, make birk syrup in the spring, so a big inspirational part of some of the songs that I write is just that experience that we always lived actually in the bush for three weeks in the spring in a tent together and making your dinners and everything on the fire. Beyond just like a hot dog on a stick, like we actually made every single meal  on the fire. That was how we had to cook. Having to commute to come to land by canoe, or you know ultimately by motorboats- Andrea Bettger, Northern Artist

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