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Northern Artist Crook The Kid found out this year, he’ll get to have Xzibit as a feature on one of his songs. Now, to some people, Xzibit might just be the former host of Pimp My Ride, but to Dylan and lots of other Northerners, he’s way more than that

In the little communities up north, that guy was like rez royalty, like he was huge to us. it’s an Insane opportunity. It’s sometimes I can’t believe it now I have his verse and everything in hand, so it’s like I’m listening to this. I’m trying to write my verse, and it’s just like, oh my God, what do I do?

Growing up, Dylan never would’ve guessed that the person he loved singing along with would eventually be singing on one of his songs with him.

Young Dylan never would’ve guessed. That one day, the guy on Pimp my Ride would be, you know, getting down on a track with me, let alone would little Dylan have seen much of, you know, the greater world or look forward into the future anyway. But it’s all crazy to me, man. It’s crazy.

As Dylan continued working on the song, a bunch of different memories came flooding back to him, like driving around the north, and listening to Xzibit with his friends. And one friend that Dylan keeps getting reminded of is the late Lloyd Edgi.

He was a big fan and he had the same boisterous personality and stuff, the big entertainer vibes and stuff, and he always listened to Xzibit. It just, we all did. But for some reason, every time I think of that guy’s name, Lloyd comes to mind rapping down in the school hallways like Xzibit and DMX and Cypress Hill, and those were truly the sounds of Our childhood up north. It’s attached to like core memories for me, man. Not just core memories for me, but like memories I hold dear to as people who are no longer with us and stuff. And, and that’s the thing I guess about these artists that we grew up listening to, is that they, they truly are a part of our lives.- Dylan “Crook The Kid” Jones 

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