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Amber-Lee Kolson

Amber-lee Kolson is a small business owner born and raised in Yellowknife, who managed to combine her Dene heritage with her passion for art to create her business, Dene Boho Beads.

I started during COVID, wanting something to do, and also because my daughter-in-law was having my first grandchild. I wanted to do something special for her. I am Dene and Polish, and I thought I will make her my version of a Dene baby belt.

Kolson says her passion for art and traditional Dene child care should not stop when a baby grows up, which is why her baby belts also make beautiful art pieces.

I use new, recycled, upcycled materials, vintage beads, hide, melton, obviously, and I have designed my version of the Dene Baby Belt. I call it wearable art because after your baby is done wearing it, you can hang it on the wall.

While Kolson currently resides in Edmonton, she continues to capture the Northern spirit. Something she says will never leave her heart.

This is my home. I come back two or three times a year to just recharge my batteries. I always come for my birthday and I come in the fall to pick cranberries. I just feel like I’m home when I’m here

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