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Ryan Gregory

Whether it’s on his community TV show or on one of his social media pages Ryan Gregory really enjoys sharing his love of sport fishing. This is a true north tale of Ryan Gregory of Fish’n The Arctic, and to start off our chat Ryan tells me who introduced him to sport fishing

Well I was introduced to sport fishing when I was about two to three years old by my dad back in Ontario, he would take my brother and I out practicing for his competitive fishing tournament, as well as practicing catch and release and selective harvest, keeping some of the smaller fish letting the bigger ones go

Ryan tells me how he came up to the north and one of his favorite things about living here.

Well I came on vacation here I guess it was 11 years ago now and yeah we fell in love with the place. My wife and I moved up here and started a family and yeah it’s just, you have every turn you go you can go fishing in a new spot. Pretty awesome.

Even though Ryan’s been fishing in the North for over a decade now, there are still some fishing spots he’s loved to checkout

The one that’s really on my mind. I’ve had the opportunity to travel Great Slave Lake and I’ve been to almost every area maybe not on a fishing trip but for other work trips, but the one that really sticks out is the opportunity to fish on Great Bear, I spent some time guiding there with a local outfitter. And just making people’s dreams come true as their biggest fish of their life, or seeing the expression on people’s faces when they’re reeling in a pretty big fish and then even bigger what comes up and swallows it hole and swims away with your lure, it’s just an unimaginable place where there’s fish swimming around there that are so big that they’ve never been seen before.

Even after you’ve been fishing for years, there can still be the fishing trips that surprise you, like last summer Ryan took a fishing trip to help film the second season of his TV show, and each day on the trip a different person caught a personal best fish, and you can see the fishing trip in the first episode of season two of Fish’n The Arctic, here’s Ryan talking about how great that trip was,

We were blown away because it was, we had pre fished the area, and we found a spot where we caught big ones and we’re like okay well we’ll save this come back the next day but it was 50 Kilometer winds we couldn’t get out there so we just kind of had to go where it was safe to fish and it didn’t seem to matter that day the fish were just everywhere we went yeah, it was just non stop, and lots of big fish.

And to end off my true North Tale with Ryan he talks about fishing and working on his TV show with his family.

Oh yeah, my kids absolutely love it. We’ve taken them fishing since they were born literally a month old, they’re in the boat in a canoe, and we’ve actually done some filming together this summer, or even in the spring we filmed our family ice fishing adventure we camped out on the ice at the Arctic Anglers Ice Fishing Derby on Prosperous Lake this spring, and as well as summer, we traveled to a camp out in the East arm, about a four hour boat ride which is the longest one my family’s ever been on. But we camped out there for six days, and just caught, loads of lake trout and enjoyed; cooked some shorelines and smokes and fish and just had a blast and it was like 30 degrees, and we found a big sand beach that we stayed on and it was amazing.

Listen to the full True North Tale here!

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