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Mermaid & Moon Boutique

For this True North Tale, I had a chat with Meredith McNulty, the owner of the Mermaid & Moon Boutique in Yellowknife. And to kick off the chat Meredith tells us how the store got started.

Originally, it had been an idea that was put forward by my landlords who had purchased the property and they used to run an art gallery themselves. And throughout university, I had experience working in kind of a similar setting in an art gallery as well as artisan stores. So it’s something that I’ve really been passionate about. And when the idea came forward of opening a business that just kind of naturally was what I wanted to lean towards. And then I’m an artist as well, my mom is an artist part-time. So it was definitely kind of a natural progression into that field.

Recently Mermaid & Moon started carrying vintage secondhand clothes at their store. And Meredith tells us where the idea to include that came from.

Yeah, that was something that before I actually opened the shop I had been doing that part-time just selling vintage and thrifted clothing online and now running the shop full time, I don’t necessarily have as much time to manage that aspect online. So I decided to incorporate it into the shop.

 Getting to see the different fashion choices of all the different clothes donated is something Meredith and her staff have really enjoyed; Mermaid & Moon opened in October of 2019. And not long after the COVID restrictions came into place in Yellowknife, which caused mermaid and moon to tweak some of what they had planned for their first year

I definitely did have to adapt just in the beginning. A lot of what we had planned on doing were bigger art shows. So you know inviting people in and having people you know at the quantities that we used to be able to have in spaces but obviously, with COVID we haven’t been able to do those in the same way. But we still have been successful in running smaller art shows just running them for longer periods of time and a lot of things that have been online as well. A lot of the adapting has just been, you know, coming up with ways that we can still incorporate art shows and classes just with obviously smaller numbers and maybe doing them more frequently or being a little bit more creative with how we operate them.

Mermaid & Moon Boutique is filled with items made by artisans right here in the north. And if you’re a northern artisan who wants your work featured in Mermaid & Moon Meredith says you can contact them via their website or their social media and she’ll get back to you as soon as she can. And she also tells us how she initially reached out to these artisans to feature their work in her store.

Yeah, in the beginning, I kind of had reached out to people that I connected with just from being a vendor at the farmers market. So I reached out to people that I knew through that and then a lot of it ended up just being word of mouth like as one artist came in, they let their friends know and a lot of the time I have artists reaching out to me or I kind of just scroll through Instagram and try to find local artists as well.

– Meredith McNulty, owner of Mermaid and Moon Boutique

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