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Dr. Pertice Moffitt — teacher, leader, learner

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When Dr. Pertice Moffitt came to the north to start Aurora College’s nursing program; she thought she would be teaching her students.

But she says the best part of her time working in the north has been what she has learned from other people.

“We had our own curriculum, in the diploma program that was very meaningful, it was a curriculum that came from the needs of people in the territory, it was very contextual — and it was important because a lot of our students as well were mature students, and so they had lots of life experience. And so truly, I was learning as much from the students as they were learning from me, I would say.”

Dr. Pertice Moffitt

Moffit, who recently retired has won the bronze  2021 Colleges and Institutes Canada Leadership Excellence Award for Faculty.

As well as teaching, Moffit has worked in research at the college.

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She also pioneered efforts to have the territory pass its own nursing act, allowing the creation of the college program.

But through it all, seeing the success of her students has been one of the most rewarding things.

 “We have three students who have gone on to be physicians, or are in the process, one is still in medical school. So it is, this is a lovely pathway for Northerners. And it’s a lovely pathway…

“Teaching them is just a very rewarding experience. Because you just, I can’t say enough that you really do learn about culture and the meaning of culture, and the importance of their cultural identity.” 

Dr. Pertice Moffitt

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