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Jim Taylor — True northern artist

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Speaking before his Folk on the Rocks performance, local music celebrity Jim Taylor reflected on his career in the music industry and the music scene in the north.

“Seeing some guys who just spend their time playing in pubs and stuff like that, you know? It’stremendous. It’s tremendous. I’ll tell you what, I’ve been doing this for — I don’t know — 16-17 years up here, but I’m kind of nervous.

Jim Taylor

Despite being excited for live music to be back, Taylor says he probably won’t be putting out another live album anytime soon.

“I’ve had people suggest it to me but I’m going to be 76 years old this year. I can hardly keep up with what’s going on

Now, you have no idea how many gifted musicians are in this city, but they’re really good at playing around a campfire or playing in a kitchen but put them in front of a microphone and they’re kind of like deer in the headlights.But I learned how to do that stuff a long time ago. 

Jim Taylor

And so yeah, I think I’m more of an entertainer than a musician. I mean my guitar playing is pretty sad. But I love to sing and I love to see and hear people singing with me


I guess. You know, it doesn’t really matter where the venue is, but it matters about the crowd just shows up the plane.

Jim Taylor
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