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Lisa Weaver’s Mural

If you head down to Old Town near Bullock’s Bistro on the side of the Weaver and Devore Warehouse, you’ll see the mural that was painted by Lisa Weaver, and for this True North Tale, I sat down with Lisa and talked to her about her mural and my chat with Lisa started off with her telling me why she chose to paint the mural in Old Town.

Well Old Town is just so colorful and beautiful and there are tons of paintings and artworks everywhere. I really just wanted to add something that I could look at for years to come, that I knew that I painted myself, and add to the color of Old Town in the neighborhood, because it’s such a beautiful area.

Lisa’s mural is an abstract sunset over Back Bay and she explained to me one of the reasons why she chose to paint this scene.

It’s a view that I tend to look at almost every day when I live in Yellowknife. Also, it feels like we get our sunset so early that we’re always looking at the sunset too so I wanted to do something like that.

Lisa then talked to me about what emotion she wants to stir up and people when they look at her mural, and then she talked to me about some of the memories she has tied with the view of Back Bay that the mural is based on.

Well it’s really big and bright, and I think that color adds a lot of joy into the everyday life and especially in the winter when it gets, like, quite bleak and cold I hope that the mural can inspire just a bit of colour, joy and playfulness, to people, but when I look at the Back Bay it always makes me think of home because that is the view that we have like when we sit on our deck and have our morning coffee, and it also is a very homey comforting view to me

At the end of my chat with Lisa Weaver, I asked if she wanted to continue painting in this style or try a different one for her next painting and if she had any ideas of what she wanted to paint next.

I’d like to keep going with the bright light color block abstract theme, but as for what I’m going to paint I’m not sure yet, but I have a whole year to think about it. -Lisa Weaver

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