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Ciaran Whittle

For this True North Tale, I sat down with Northern artists Ciaran Whittle who’s been here since December of 2019. And to start off our chat Ciaran tells me one of the things that inspired him to become a musician was just how musical his hometown in Scotland was

Music was very big in our community, like up here in the North we’re, all very small communities. So, my neighbors all played were also very encouraging, we’re all quite famous in the area for being musicians.

Ciaran talks to me about how he came up to Yellowknife and how he was more used to the northern weather than you’d expect.

The funny thing is it’s actually not a whole lot closer to the Arctic Circle and I was anyway, we’re actually very deceptively far north, my fiance, Kit took a job teaching at St Pat’s High School back in 2019, and i just trailed along after like a lost puppy came up here in December and tried to make a life for myself.

Ciaran did write some original songs when he was in university, but as an artist, the main thing that he loves performing are old Gaelic folk songs, and during our chat, I asked Ciaran, what are some of his favorite parts about being an artist.

There’s obviously the being connected with a culture and spreading a story or spreading awareness of something like there’s a couple of songs I do Gaelic songs are expressing pride in where you come from expressing pride in your culture, but it wasn’t taken away from you when people tried, but also there’s the social aspect for it being an artist is fun. It’s really social; you get to do what you love they say you never work a day in your life you’re doing something you love. Having said that, it does feel like work sometimes.

Ciaran hosted a couple of online concerts in 2020 but in 2021 He got the chance to perform in front of people, and he told me how it feels to perform these old Gaelic folk songs in front of people who’ve never heard them before,

There’s definitely a lot of pride. I see my country is one of if not the most beautiful place on the planet and I sing a couple of songs about saying that we’re the greatest place on Earth, we’ve got beautiful scenery, people are really nice and friendly.

And even though Ciaran’s only been up here since December of 2019 he ends off our chat together saying how much he’s enjoyed the NWT so far.

I love the up here, the winters really don’t bother me a whole lot coming from where I do, right on the edge of the North Atlantic, we have months on end of wind and rain, so the dark doesn’t bother me, weather, at least is just cold.

Listen to the full True North Tale here!
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