Yellowknife Artist: Patrick Jacobson

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For this True North Tale, I sat down with Patrick Jacobson a northern artist who has been strumming his guitar north of sixty for a few years now. He sat and told me how his whole musical journey got started.

“my parents put me in music lessons when I was probably three or four years old it was piano at the time. Then I started playing the guitar when I was around six-teen it was a little cooler than the piano when you’re in High school”

Whether you are a musician like Patrick or a Poet and Painter like Robyn Scott, The North is full of inspiration and here is Patrick telling me what from the north inspires him

“I think for me up here it’s the Scenery, The Landscape it’s really inspiring we just don’t get vast spaces like this anywhere else. it kind of puts everything into perspective a bit and I find that very inspiring”

While he can’t make it to every band practice along with being a solo artist Patrick is also a member of Vancouver based band The Top Drawers

“Yeah! The Top Drawers actually have been together for thirteen years so it’s been quite some time and I moved up north six years ago and somehow managed to stay in the band. they haven’t kicked me out for being so far away from practices, we’ve been finishing up our new record “out of sight” we are going to release it on all digital platforms and vinyl”

Patrick hasn’t got as much time as he would have wanted to create new music, But he tells about a new single he is working on that involves a process he has never tried before.

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“I’m putting the finishing touches on a new single, It’s the first song I’ve ever recorded where I play every instrument on the track, It’s been kinda fun I mean typically when you do a solo record I go in there and play a song I wrote then go hire a drummer to play the other parts. put with Diga he will just sit you down at a different instrument and go “play this one now” so I ended up being able to play everything on the track”

-Patrick Jacobson, Yellowknife Musician

Check out Patrick’s Solo work here :

Check out The Top Drawers here:

Listen to the Full TNT Here!

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