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Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Ambe Chenemu

Ambe Chenemu is the founder of BACupNorth which is a non-for-profit organization helping to empower the black community here in the territory. BacupNorth Started after an infamous event in 2020.

Just right after the George Floyd Black Lives Matter protest. And for Yellowknifers that were here in Yellowknife, you know, I’m sure most of you must were at that protest. And as a community, you know, I, I led some of that, some of the protests alongside a couple of other people. A protest which drew hundreds to the streets of Yellowknife in support of Black Lives Matter. Ambe wanted Bacup North to be something that was more proactive than reactive. Doesn’t make any sense for us to just keep reacting to, you know, when things happen and we go out there and, and protest and then go back. We thought it makes sense to be more proactive and create some kind of an umbrella organization where, We tackle things before they happen.You know, we do a little bit of advocacy but also try to empower members of our community. And that’s how we came up with, Bacup North. This was really a community initiative. A lot of people from the black community came together and we had a conversation and said, okay, what’s the right way forward? We thought about a name and then eventually. Backup north was the fruit of that coming together.

BacUpNorth spend the month of February putting on art displays, dance classes and topped off with their first Black History Month Gala.

The Gala in itself Is, designed to just be an exciting, fun, enjoyable experience. A little bit less formal, more music. Just feel comfortable in, in yourself in how you dress. It doesn’t really matter the whole idea. Is to show up and have some fun. 

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