YK Girl Guides Prepare for Mother’s Day Weekend Fundraiser

Girl guides sit around a campfire outside the cabin in 2012.
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Residents of Yellowknife will have a chance to buy some cookies this weekend!

Coming up on Saturday, May 7th, the Girl Guides will be holding a cookie sale fundraiser. As many as 90 boxes will be available for purchase at just five dollars a piece.

While some of the money is sent to the national branch, and to the cookie manufacturers, this event also provides much of the money for programming for Girl Guide Members. fundraiser will also be a chance for community members to purchase Girl guide cookies for the first time, in the event that they re unaware of their neighborhood’s Girl guide member.

Kelly McLaughlin of the Yellowknife Girl Guides shared some of the ways that their branch spends the money from these fundraisers.

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“We may use our money for things like crafts, camping, special experiences like going to the Snow Castle for example. We use it for other supplies for our meetings, and special experiences basically.”

She added that they take the time to discuss what kind of activities the girls would like to do, and involve the girls in those discussions.

The Girl Guides will be set up at the Ruth Inch Memorial Pool parking lot. They will be there from 9a.m. until noon, and they will only be accepting cash.

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