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Addictions survey results spotlight areas to Improve

The Northwest Territories have taken the next step in the battle against substance addictions.

439 people gave their feedback for the survey between February 15th, and March 31st of 2021. Feedback was give on the type of recovery services people had access to, as well as the kind of services people would like to have in the future. Some of the most requested factors for future recovery plans include various detox treatments, as well as more services that allow family members to attend treatments together.

The Minister’s Forum on Addiction and Community Wellness, which was created back in 2012, released the results an Addictions Recovery Experiences Survey. The Survey was designed to collect information on the quality and effectiveness of addictions recovery methods across the Northwest Territories. Those who were involved in the survey were the people who had the most experiences with addictions; former users who have had to directly deal with recovery, as well as their families.

While the survey showed incredibly positive responses in many fields, there were still a few areas that fell short of complete satisfaction. One of those areas was sober housing options, as well as options for social and recreational activities for people in recovery.

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Julia Green, Minister of Health and Social Services, explained that even seeing where the survey fell short provides vital information.

“One of the purposes of the report was to identify gaps in service delivery. What we will do with the results of this report is to start planning for how we can address those gaps.”

Of all the people who took part in the survey, 71 percent were Female, and 27 percent were Male. 57 percent were indigenous, and 93 percent of participants were between the ages of 20 and 64.

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