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Qimmiq Kennels

For this True North Tale I sat down with the owner of Qimmiq Kennels, A lovely local business owner named Jo Kelly and she told me how the whole kennel got started.

“at one point someone my partner worked with was looking for somewhere safe to leave their dog for the day, and i took that dog on. and Suddenly i had half a dozen to ten (10) dogs a day that needed care, So it literally just happened on accident”

Thanks to word of mouth and great service Qimmiq Kennels grew into the Northern business you know today. Jo went on to tell me what the most rewarding part of owning the business is.

“The most rewarding part of this BUSINESS has always been how we’ve been able to be there for our fellow yellowknifers. And then the joy, the love and the appreciation we get from our clients. Word of mouth continues to be our biggest source of BUSINESS. It’s DEFINITELY a feel good type of job, Because yes we get to play with puppies and deal with clients who are so in love with their dog and also so appreciative of our buisiness”

-Jo Kelly, Owner of Qimmiq Kennels

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