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Tawna Brown — Globe-trotting photographer

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COVID-19 has disrupted many things this year.

Travel has been one of the aspects of life most heavily impacted by the pandemic, with many countries shutting down their borders for lengthy periods.

That threw a wrench in the plans of local photographer Tawna Brown.

A shot from one of Brown’s trips, taken in Bali at a Hindu religious ceremony. (Supplied by Tawna Brown.)

Brown had saved up a year of deferred leave and was planning a year of globe trotting, to capture new photographs.

But Covid, as it tends to do, got in the way of those plans.

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“They’re, I don’t want to say squashed. Maybe they might be on hold. They’re unknown, that’s for sure… in a way it’s not really a blessing in disguise, but it’s, it forces me to have time that’s undistracted to get her done, you know?

Tawna Brown

Brown usually photographs a variety of subjects from her travels, has the photos printed on canvas and sells them in Javorama.

This year though she has had to adapt and take her business online.

Another of Brown’s photos, from Brooklyn in New York. (Supplied by Tawna Brown.)

Brown has put money into her website and has been able to work on her photography full-time during her period on leave.

“I don’t want to call this just like, this is definitely not a hobby, this is my life, like, I’m at home working on this stuff. Every day, even though when I’m working full time, it’s in my daily is always going on. And so I can’t imagine that I’d ever let it fizzle out,

Tawna Brown

As for taking photos, Brown said she is excited to head out into her own backyard and capture all the sights NWT has to offer.

“They never, they never die. They never, you know, you might bring back souvenirs, clothing, or baskets or whatever food but those are gone. And the image really lasts.”

Tawna Brown
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