MID-DAY: TSX, Dow, crude all boosted on trade optimism: SNC-Lavalin stock drops on poor report

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Optimism is boosting energy stocks, which is in turn pushing the TSX ahead. The Bay Street Index is climbing 60 points to 16,061 and across the border the Dow is pushing 112 points to 25,962.

This, in part, is thanks to the climb in US crude, which is gaining to 57.40 a barrel.

The Loonie is also gaining to 75.82 cents US.

This all comes as Donald Trump is expected to host China’s President today to discuss the ongoing trade negotiations. Recent reports have suggested the two sides are very close to reaching an agreement and ending the trade war.

And, SNC-Lavalin announced a $1.6 billion loss in its quarterly report amid political drama, pulling the stock down.

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