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Shooting death at gun range opens debate for youth handling firearms

Yellowknife, NWT – The accidental shooting death of an Arizona gun range instructor has touched off debate over shooting ranges offering machine guns to casual visitors, especially when those visitors are children.

Earlier this week, a 9-year-old girl accidentally shot and killed her gun instructor when she couldn’t handle the recoil from an Uzi, a powerful submachine gun.

Chief Range Officer Kevin Jacobs with the Hay River Shooting Club says this was a tragic event, but that different regulations here would prevent incidents like this happening.

“We have different rules here in Canada. We can’t bring a fully automatic handgun, submachine gun or rifle onto a range. In the case of that young lady, I don’t think there should’ve been a full magazine of ammunition in there. If the magazine was limited, I don’t think this tragedy would’ve happened.”

Jacobs says he doesn’t have a problem with younger people using firearms, so long as they are given proper training and magazines are limited to 10 rounds.

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