Fibre cut causes TV disruption for Northwestel customers

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Northwestel TV customers in Yellowknife and Hay River might not be able to watch some of their favourite programs tonight.

The telecommunications company has experienced a cut to its fibre line between Swift River, British Columbia and Watson Lake, Yukon, though it’s unclear what happened exactly.

According to a company spokesperson, the cut is “causing critical disruptions to all broadband data, long-distance and cellular service in the Yukon, Mackenzie Delta, Nunavut and satellite-served communities in the Northwest Territories.

“Northwestel TV customers will also experience disruptions. We’ve notified both government and emergency services.

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“Personnel are working to repair the damaged line as quickly as possible.”

Customers turning on their TVs may have limited or no channel access and see a message that says “one moment please” followed by the reference code: S0a00.

According to Northwestel’s website, that message will appear when your digital box stops receiving the proper signal required to display a channel. The company says this can occur either on all channels, or just individual ones.

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