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NWT Legislative Assembly Integrity Commissioner dismisses complaints regarding MLA Nokleby

The Northwest Territories Legislative Assembly Integrity Commissioner has investigated and dismissed a complaint against MLA for Great Slave, Katrina Nokleby. 

According to the Legislative Assembly, Integrity Commissioner David Phillip Jones, received a complaint from Nahendeh MLA Shane Thompson, alleging that certain emails and social media posts by Nokleby, “breached the Members’ Code of Conduct.”

As a result, an investigation was launched by the Integrity Commissioner which resulted in a dismissal of Thompson’s complaint. 

“Taken as a whole, I fully understand why Mr. Thompson is irked by the content and tone of Ms. Nokleby’s criticisms, and appreciate his attempts to find ways to respond to her concerns,” Jones said in his analysis.

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“On the other hand, while in my judgment not all of Ms. Nokleby’s communications cross the line from acceptable political rhetoric so as to constitute harassment, I agree with her recognition that there can be legitimate criticisms of some of her communications,” he adds. 

Integrity Commissioner Jones cited Ms. Nokleby’s “direct and to-the-point manner” when communicating, saying the MLA should “carefully consider in advance the effect of her choice of words and tone” when speaking with her colleagues. 

Ms. Nokleby declined to comment when asked about the matter and the report will be tabled on the first day of the next assembly meeting. 

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