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Bear sightings continue in Yellowknife: RCMP

Bears have started to take advantage of an empty Yellowknife, as several black bears have been sighted within city limits after most of the territory evacuated due to wildfires. 

According to police, three bear complaints have been reported since the evacuation. 

Police have responded by calling conservation officers with Environment and Climate Change (ECC) to handle any bear situation in the city. 

“Our officers will attend the area and make sure that there is no immediate risk to anyone while we wait for ECC to arrive,” NWT RCMP Corporal Matt Halstead tells MyTrueNorthNow. 

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“So far, our officers haven’t had to take any action for these calls,” Halstead adds. 

Calls related to bears and wildlife are not uncommon during late summer/fall and five bear sightings were recorded in the city before the evacuation; however, the RCMP says it is rare for sightings to occur so deep in the city’s centre. 

“I think the change has been where the bears have been spotted,” Halstead says. 

“The bears have been reported being deeper into the city and residential neighbourhoods than we normally see,” he adds. 

The RCMP says they are actively monitoring the wildlife situation in Yellowknife and will continue to call ECC as needed. 

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