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Lynx spotted wandering around Yellowknife

A lynx was spotted in several locations in Yellowknife during the day Monday.

One resident posted photos to Facebook showing the lynx outside the Aven Manor retirement living community, saying “it was like it didn’t even care if vehicles were coming towards it.”

Mike Westwick, spokesperson for Environment and Natural Resources, said the department is following several reports of the lynx in town.

“Lynx pose little risk to humans, but may pose some risk to pets. We would ask residents in the Yellowknife area to stay aware and be mindful of household pet safety,” said Westwick.

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“If you do come across a Lynx, the best thing to do is keep your distance – in rare cases, they may become more aggressive if they feel cornered or have been infected with rabies,” he added. “Safety should always come first.”

Canadian lynx are usually between 18 to 30 pounds and around three feet long.

Westwick said that lynx are at risk of being hit by vehicles, particularly at night, and cautioned drivers to be aware.

“If observed in or near a community, notify your local Renewable Resource officers by calling your local Environment and Natural Resources office. We can help,” he added.

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