Local RCMP to be active during Road Safety Week

RCMP headquarters in Yellowknife. (Supplied by MyTrueNorthNow.com staff)
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RCMP Traffic Services in the NWT along with all local RCMP Detachments are making preparations for Road Safety Week. This road safety initiative takes place each year across the country in an effort to make Canada’s roads the safest in the world.

Enforcement efforts will begin on May 15th and run through the long weekend and end on May 20th. RCMP Inspector Alex Laporte told Moose FM that during road safety week, the RCMP throughout the Territories will strive to educate motorists in regards to unsafe and aggressive driving behaviours through an enforcement campaign.

“Yellowknifers will see us on the road this week doing preventative educational roadblocks, our members are going to be out and about, day and night engaging and reminding people that distracted driving is a big issue. “

Last year there were 4 charges of impaired driving laid, 8 distracted driving charges, over 80 driving infraction charges under the Motor Vehicles Act, with just over 2000 vehicles stopped. Laporte adds that specific offences such as the lack of seatbelt usage, speeding, distracted driving, impaired driving, and aggressive driving infractions will be targeted.

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“Leave your phone aside when you’re driving, also impaired driving is still happening too often and we don’t want to see it anymore, it’s a risk to the community, you just can’t be driving impaired whether it’s by alcohol or drugs.”

Laporte added that as part of the campaign, motorists can expect to see an increase in policing presence on the roads involving check stops and roving patrols.

“We’re out there this week to remind people, being visible and passing on the message that you can expect us to do our job in this community. This is something we all need to be aware of and work together on to make it stop.”

Saturday, May 18th, is National Impaired Driving Enforcement Day of Action, and motorists can expect to see further increased activity in support of the event.

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