CT scanners back in operation at hospital

Stanton Territorial Hospital. (2017)
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CT scans that were cancelled in the period from April 14th-19th at Stanton Territorial Hospital will be rebooked at the soonest possible time as Stanton’s CT scanner was put back into operation on Saturday, April 20th. Those with regularly booked scans will go forward as scheduled.

On April 17th the NTHSSA announced service interruptions related to CT Scans and instrument sterilization services at the Hospital.

However, Stanton’s main sterilizer units remain out of service. In the period from April 16th-23rd, a total of 13 surgeries were cancelled, these cases will be rebooked at the soonest possible time.

Patients with scheduled surgeries should assume they are going forward unless they are directly contacted with information saying otherwise says the NTHSSA.

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The hospital has adjusted operations with additional shifts for staff responsible for instrument sterilization using back up sterilizer units. These adjustments and coordination with the surgery unit is allowing for regularly scheduled surgeries to go forward.

The NTHSSA adds that any patients that require urgent or emergent services that exceed Stanton’s capacity can be sent to Alberta.

Public updates on the progress of sterilization services will be provided as progress is made or if the situation changes related to the capacity to deliver surgery services.

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