BEFORE THE BELL: New Trump tweets inject confidence back in markets; Cogeco and Shaw release quarterly earnings this morning

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The markets are swinging back to the positive as Donald Trump appears to be backing off of Syria attack talk. The US President tweeted he never said he’d attack Syria anytime soon, following yesterday’s tweet that warned Russian officials that missiles are coming. The first threat weighted the Dow and overnight pulled the Nikkei down 0.2 per cent. But, analysts say this updated Trump Tweet is already bringing life back to North American markets, as the Dow is expected to open higher later this morning.

This is also reflecting on gold, as the safe haven precious metal drops 11.20 to 1,348 an ounce.

Oil is starting to slide from its rally earlier this week, down to 66.67 a barrel.

The Loonie is down slightly to 79.45 cents US.

Investors can expect some quarterly earnings reports as the numbers come in from Cogeco, Shaw, Verizon and Delta Airlines this morning.

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