Yellowknife Cub Scouts bring fur to Alberta Cubaree

Photo courtesy of Yellowknife Scouts Facebook
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Yellowknife Cub Scouts were in Alberta May 28th and 29th for the Alberta Cubaree, a mini jamboree with over 300 youth in attendance.

woggle making

The YK Cub Scouts brought along some world-famous genuine Mackenzie Valley fur to share with their fellow cub scouts.

The territorial government’s Department of Industry, Tourism and Investment (ITI) provided the scouts with two seal skin pelts.

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They were used by the cub scouts in attendance to create 300 seal-skin “woggles” – items used to hold the scout’s neckerchiefs on.

The Yellowknife Scouts Facebook page said the woggle-making station was one of the most popular at the event.

The GNWT says fur is an important part of the territory’s heritage and that it’s important to share our history with southern neighbours.

Cub Scouts are an age group of scouts for young people aged eight to ten.

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