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‘We just embrace it’: Snowking Castle welcomes warm weather

After the temperature spike in the city, several Yellowknifers were spooked for SnowKing’s Ice Castle which relies on the cold temperatures to stay afloat.

Snowking staffers say the warm temperatures this year only helped the castle, rather than hurt it.

“It did not cause a scare, it brought lots of happy people down to the castle, we are loving it!” Snowking employee ‘Schneeflocke’ told MyTrueNorthNow.

Temperatures were as high as 4° last week, and Schneeflocke says that staff doesn’t start to worry until temperatures stay at zero for more than a few days.

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“Once it goes to zero, that can be scary but we’re having the cold night temperatures so we just embrace it,” Schneeflocke said.

“It couldn’t be better, the ice sculptures are just getting prettier,” She added.

‘Dragon Slayers’ Ice sculpture
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