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Wednesday, September 27, 2023
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GNWT Introduces Remote Work Policy

Many workers across the NWT may now be able to work from home.

The GNWT has just introduced a new Remote Work Policy, which will allow employees to choose an alternate location to do their work from, as opposed to their regular work site.

In order to use the Remote Work Policy, there are a few requirements that employees must meet first. Employees must be working in a job that will allow them to work remotely in the first place, and have a suitable work station ready to go at their alternate location. They must also be able to perform at a level that is at least on par with their performance at the work site. Remote work is not a replacement for child or elder care, and employees are expected to arrange for child and elder care that does not disrupt their remote work. Remote work is voluntary and subject to approval, and any request to work remotely must be approved by the supervisor.

The Remote Work Policy is designed to support employees working from another location within the Northwest Territories. The policy also protects regional positions. It allows an employee to work remotely from any NWT community for a job based in Yellowknife, but it does not allow a person residing in Yellowknife to fill a regional job. Out-of-Territory Remote Work will only be considered in rare and exceptional circumstances.

While the GNWT does acknowledge and appreciate the work their employees have done over the course of the pandemic, they also state that the Remote Work Program can be revoked at any time if there is a breach in employment conditions, or a lapse in performance.

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