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Delivery Services Returning to Stanton Territorial in Phases

Labor Services will soon be returning to Stanton Territorial Hospital.

The Northwest Territories Health and Social Services Authority announced that they will be reintroducing labour services at the hospital in phases. The first phase will allow for regular services for NWT residents who are expecting their second child, or who have scheduled a C-section. Any NWT residents who are expecting their first child will still be directed to care in Edmonton for the time being.

The NTHSSA has stated that this phased approach will allow for reduced volume and complexity of birthing services during phase one, and will be in place from February 22nd to March 31st.They added that they do not currently have the staffing requirements to fully re-open delivery services at this time.

The reason they have prioritized people who are expecting their second child, is because second deliveries are slightly easier. They require fewer pre-labour assessments, have quicker births and have a lower probability of in-labour complications. Stanton will retain emergency services in labour and delivery for any unexpected or emergency situations.

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The NTHSSA understands the impact that the continued service reductions has on individuals and families. They stated that they will continue to provide labour resources for those who need them, and are continuing to work towards a full resumption of delivery services as soon as possible.

The suspension of regular birthing services at Stanton impacted individuals who have due dates between December 10th, 2021 and February 21st, 2022. During the Phase One period, there are approximately 35 individuals who will fit criteria for a birth at Stanton and 20 who will have their care transferred to Edmonton.

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