YK Food Bank to assume responsibilities of YKCares

Volunteers from the YK Food Bank took a break from their hard work to have some fun.
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The YK Food Bank has announced that effective immediately, they will assume the responsibilities and assets of YKCares, a Yellowknife charity that helps feed children outside of school hours.

YKCares has provided weekend food kits to youth in the city since January of 2015 as a way to ensure that all children have the food they need to grow strong in body and mind. They have provided food to children to help meet their needs when other programs are not available.

Cherish Winsor, YK Food Bank President stated that as a local food distribution organization, the YK Food Bank will continue to provide these weekend food kits to children in schools in Yellowknife with the support of community partners.

“We look forward to expanding our operations to include a specific focus on children and youth in our community.”

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Every Wednesday, volunteers deliver 40 Weekend Food Kits to various Yellowknife schools.The kits are given to the school’s counsellors who discreetly distribute them before Friday’s dismissal.

Winsor adds that the goal of the YK Food Bank is for all people to have reliable access to sufficient and nutritious food.

“When we heard that YKCares was looking for an organization to take over the distribution of weekend food kits, we felt that this was a natural fit for us. Our board and volunteers are excited to expand our operations to reach more members of our community and reduce child hunger.”

A Weekend Food Kit consists of six meals including oatmeal, protein-rich entrées, fruit cups and snacks. Each kit is designed to provide breakfast and lunch and snacks for one child.

YKCares Founder Angela Canning expressed her happiness that the Yellowknife Food Bank is going to keep the YKCares program going.

“I am so excited to see how it will grow to further meet the needs of our youth.”

School administrators are encouraged to contact the YK Food Bank to discuss potentially providing weekend food kits to students.

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