Feeding foxes in Yellowknife is illegal and must stop: ENR

Environment and Natural Resources photo
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After numerous reports of foxes being given food in the 44th Street Twin Pine Hill area of Yellowknife, the territory’s environment ministry is asking for help to stop the practice.

“The foxes in the Twin Pine Hill area have become habituated to humans, which has created a public safety concern for residents and students in the area,” the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources stated Wednesday.

The environment ministry is asking for help in identifying the occupants of the vehicle pictured, allegedly feeding foxes below the Watermark Tower. Environment and Natural Resources photo

The ministry is also asking for help in identifying the people in a vehicle which they say were feeding foxes outside the Watermark Tower in Yellowknife.

Last week, the ministry warned foxes along the Ingraham Trail and in the Yellowknife area were being put at risk because they were being fed.

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The ministry is planning to relocate the foxes once the juveniles, called kits, are old enough to be removed from the area safely. “Removal at an early age would otherwise likely lead to the death of the kits.”

Feeding wildlife is not only illegal, but it also puts both these wild animals and humans at risk of harm and disease. When the animal becomes habituated to interacting with humans, they often end up dead either from the food they consume or because they become a threat and are put down.

“Residents are advised to give all wildlife space and to keep away from where foxes are denning. Do not approach or feed wildlife.”

Anyone who witnesses or has information about the people feeding the foxes are asked to call 867-767-9238 extension 53247. In the case of a wildlife emergency, call 867-873-7181.

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