Inquest for Hay River woman who died while in Ontario jail

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An inquest will be held into the death of Delilah Blair, 30.

Blair, who grew up in Hay River, died in hospital on May 22nd, 2017 after being transferred there from Windsor’s South West Detention Centre.

The inquest will look at all of the circumstances surrounding her death, a process which typically takes around five to seven days says regional supervising coroner Dr. Rick Mann. The length of the process can vary depending on how much material is presented.

A jury of five people chose from the community where the death happened will listen to the evidence and answer questions about the details of the person’s death, the cause of death and the manner of death.

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The jury can also make non-binding recommendations, which are then given to the agencies who are in the best position to respond to them. Once the inquest is finished, the public can request access to the verdict, any recommendations made by the jury and any responses from the agencies.

Family members and members of the public can attend the inquest Mann says, and they can also ask for standing which allows them to participate in the inquest process. “A family, at an inquest, can ask for standing, which means that they can ask questions of the witnesses. And at the end of the inquest when things are being summarized, they have the opportunity to provide the jury with their interpretation of the evidence that was heard…before the jury goes to deliberate.”

Details about the date and location of the inquest have not yet been released. Dr. Jennifer Tang will be the inquest coroner.

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