Truck driver speaks at Humboldt Broncos trial; Reports say two French police officers convicted of raping Canadian

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Truck driver speaks at Humboldt Broncos trial

The truck driver who caused the deadly Humboldt Broncos bus crash says he takes full responsibility for what happened because of his lack of experience.

Jaskirat Singh Sidhu faced the families of many of the victims in a Saskatchewan court and apologized for taking “the most valuable things of your life.” He said he can’t imagine what they are going through and the judge said she will hand down her sentence on March 22.

Reports say two French police officers convicted of raping Canadian

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There are reports two elite French police officers have been convicted of gang-raping a Canadian tourist.

They’ve been sentenced to seven-years in prison and ordered to pay 20-thousand euros in damages.

Emily Spanton was 34 when the anti-gang officers raped her inside a Paris police headquarters building in April 2014. She has agreed to being publicly identified in the case.

Parliamentary budget watchdog says TransMountain purchase could have positive benefits

Parliamentary budget watchdog Yves Giroux says the government’s purchase of the Trans Mountain pipeline for $4.4-billion dollars could have positive effects on the Canadian economy and on oil prices.

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In a report issued today, Giroux estimates the pipeline assets and its planned expansion project are worth between $3.6- and $4.6-billion dollars. He noted that if the project encounters any construction delays or cost increases, then the government will have overpaid for the pipeline.

Warm weather on the way for frozen areas in the U.S.

U.S. forecasters are predicting a dramatic swing in temperatures of as much as 40 Celsius in Rockford, Illinois as this week’s painfully cold weather gives way to relatively balmy weather by early next week.

The city northwest of Chicago woke up to a record-breaking temperature of minus 34 Thursday morning, but Monday’s forecast is calling for a high of 10.5 Celsius. Canadian experts say this type of extreme weather has been predicted for some time.

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