Snow Removal Schedule for January 21st-25th

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After receiving a large amount of snow over the weekend in Yellowknife, a reminder that snow removal begins at 12:00 a.m. and takes place during the early morning to avoid conflicts with drivers, people walking and children at play.

The snow removal schedule for the week of January 21st – 25th is as followed:

Monday, January 21st

  • Otto Drive from Morrison Drive to Sikyea Tili; and
  • Arden Avenue from Dagenais Drive to Finlayson Drive.

Tuesday, January 22nd

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  • Franklin Avenue from 43rd Street to School Draw Avenue; and
  • Dagenais Drive from Range Lake Road to Finlayson Drive.

Wednesday, January 23rd

  • Franklin Avenue from Taylor Road to Forrest Drive; and
  • Byrne Road from Old Airport Road to McMahon Trail; and
  • Herriman Road from Borden Drive to Borden Drive.

Thursday, January 24th

  • Otto Drive from Ndilo hill to Morrison Drive; and
  • Con Road from 54th Street to House 73.

Friday, January 25th

  • 57th Street from Franklin Avenue to 51A Avenue; and
  • Burwash Drive from 56th Street to Forrest Drive; and
  • Williams Avenue from Woolgar Avenue to Range Lake Road.

Residents must make sure that parked vehicles are removed from these streets by midnight or they will be towed. People are also advised that there will be traffic delays in snow removal areas and if possible, to use an alternate route to avoid delays.

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