BEFORE THE BELL: Economic worries resurface in early trade, threatening more volatility in North America

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It’s back to reality for North American markets this morning as economic worries surface again. Analysts predict the Dow will be dipping after its record-breaking Boxing Day, gaining over 1000 points on reports of a hot holiday shopping season. But, investors are being reminded of turbulence ahead for 2019 with a reported dip in industrial profits from China.

Experts say trade war worries and the concern of a possible recession in 2019 are back in the drivers’ seat.

Although Beijing is attempting to set a hopeful tone, talking about upcoming trade negotiations with the US in early January.

The TSX will have a struggle today after it ended in the red on Christmas Eve before kicking off a two-day holiday.

The Loonie is attempting to pull ahead gaining to 76.33 cents US.

The price for US crude is down to 45.33 a barrel.

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