Stanton Hospital’s new concept boards completed

Rendering of design for new Yellowknife hospital
A rendering of the new Stanton Territorial Hospital's design. File photo.
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The Stanton Territorial Hospital has completed its interior design concept boards.

The concept boards are available for the public to view online.

The boards were designed by Kasian Architects, who received input from regional Northern representatives.

Each floor represents a distinct northern landscape with a corresponding animal in order to assist with patient navigation:

  • Level 0: Barrenlands and the Caribou
  • Level 1: Aurora Borealis and the Polar Bear
  • Level 2: Rivers/Forest and the Moose
  • Level 3: Lakes and the Arctic Char
  • Level 4: Mountains and the Mountain Goat
  • Level 5: Arctic and the Seal

A link to download and view the concept boards is available here.

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