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Woman claims by-law officer verbally assaulted her and her daughter at parade


Not everyone was in the Holiday spirit during the Santa Claus parade.

At least, so says Krista Boizard.

I was driving home Saturday night with my daughter and trying to find our way around the blocked roads from the parade,” shares Krista. “The municipal enforcement officer came up to my window and with zero provocation and before I even said a word, he aggressively yelled at me to move.

Krista says she tried reasoning with the man, saying she just wanted to know where she could go.

Instead of maybe offering direction or assistance he comes right up to my face and SCREAMS in my face, ‘NOW‘ with extreme rage.

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The City of Yellowknife, via email, said “some residents were inconvenienced during the parade due to road closures and in one instance an individual made verbal complaints to a parade volunteer regarding the blockade.

Adding: “A Municipal Enforcement Officer arrived to assist and requested the individual change their route in order to make way for the parade.

It’s not certain if the one incident is Boizard as many motorists were forced to move their vehicles on Saturday night to avoid any road blockages on the parade route.

On Monday morning, Krista said that she was scared to report the officer, fearing that her complaints won’t be heard. Later in the day, she said her roommate had convinced her to consider filing a complaint.

The City says they haven’t received any formal complaints regarding the 2017 Santa Claus parade.

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Boizard says she’s still fairly new to the city and now she can’t help but have this moment affect her view of Yellowknife.

These people are supposed to represent the community and make us feel safe and protected, we have only lived in Yellowknife for a year and this is the impression we have now gotten of the ‘pillars of the community’.

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