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Escape Room takes Yellowknife by storm

Do you have the mental fortitude to make the escape?

A group of YK Scouts are quickly grabbing the attention of ‘Yellowknifers’ with their Escape Rooms.

Escape Rooms have quickly grown in popularity across North America. Every major city is littered with them, with Yellowknife catching up to the trend.

It started out as a fundraiser,” said one of the Scouts. “We wanted to go to Nova Scotia for a Jamboree. Ben (one of the Scouts) had the idea for an Escape Room.

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We built one for ‘Ptarmicon’ and we’ve been using the same materials for the most part since then.

The boys received a lot of immediate success, and the process has evolved ever since.

The Scout Leader, Brett Trimble, decided to help take the next step.

I contacted the mall,” said Trimble. “I told them about the whole thing and they decided to give us the space. It helps create foot traffic for the stores and the space was available anyway.

The Escape Room is located in the Centre Square Mall, near the Tower elevators. Trimble says they’ve been booked up for weeks now. If you’d like, you can reach them at 250-732-0466.

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It gets harder to maintain as the weeks go on because the boys are in school,” says Trimble.

Honestly, we’ve considered staying with the whole thing,” says the aforementioned Ben. “We’re in high school now, but we’d prefer it if it became a sort of tradition. We pass it down to the next group of Scouts and so on, so forth.

The group let some of the Moose staff give the room the good ol’ college try.

We failed.

Valiantly, though.

We think.

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