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Monday, March 1, 2021
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Swap Shop

Tune in Monday to Friday at 10am for the treasure trove that is the Swap Shop – buy, sell or trade on the Swap Shop! Email us your items at swapshop@mytruenorthnow.com  

Wet Nose Wednesday

Crooked Whisker and True North FM want to help more animals get adopted from the NWT SPCA so every week we are going to show off one of the gorgeous animals that are available...

Classic Café

Ever call a radio station and request a song…..they tell you they’ll play it…but never do. I know, right?What if….a radio station told you “exactly” when they’d play it? WE WILL! Each weekday at...

Minute With the Mayor

Listen to Minute with the Mayor, True North FM's weekly segment with Yellowknife's Mayor Rebecca Alty.Join Mayor Alty and Greg K as they share the latest updates on the events of the city...

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