Dry summer, low water levels may result in higher N.W.T energy bills

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Yellowknife, NWT – Residents in Yellowknife and Hay River may see a rise in their monthly power bills for the next two years due to low water levels in the Snare Hydro System.

The Northwest Territories Power Corporation says water levels there are at an all-time low due to the dry summer.

N.T.P.C says because of that, it has had to increase its use of diesel to power Yellowknife and other North Slave communities at a cost of about $20-million.

We asked Communications Manager Pam Coulter with N.T.P.C when customers can expect to see a spike in their monthly bill.

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“We put our application in Wednesday and if everything goes as planned and is accepted as it is, we’ve asked for it to start Oct. 1. For most customers paying about 27 cents per kilowatt hour now, they’ll see about a 10 per cent increase.”

In order to help customers lower their consumption during the coming winter months, Coulter says N.T.P.C is initiating a conservation campaign later this month.

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