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Two MLAs Introducing Bill to Repeal Carbon Tax in NWT

Two Northern MLAs will be bringing a bill to the Legislative Assembly that aims to repeal the carbon tax in the Northwest Territories.

The two Members are Kieron Testart from Range Lake, and Robert Hawkins from Yellowknfe Centre. Their bill, called the “Carbon Tax Repeal Act,” would amend the current “Petroleum Products and Carbon Tax Act,” repealing all sections that have to do with the collection of carbon taxes on fuels and natural gases.

If this bill is passed, it would move the NWT over to the Government of Canada’s “Greenhouse Gas Pollution Pricing Act.” All proceeds from the federal pricing system would then be returned to the NWT.

Kieron Testart explained that he drafted the bill after discussing the matter with other MLAs, Cabinet Ministers, and his own constituents. He explained that his constituents feel that the carbon tax is not working for the NWT, and that it is time for a change.

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The Bill will allow the GNWT to redirect carbon tax spending to other needs, as it does not repeal any of the currently available tax rebates.

The Bill was seconded by Robert Hawkins, stating that the GNWT needs to make meaningful changes in any way they can “to make life affordable for Northerners while still doing our part to tackle climate change.”

The Bill will receive its first reading on Tuesday, February 27th, and will be voted on the next day.

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