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New MLAs to Discuss Process of Territorial Leadership Committee

The new members of the 20th Legislative Assembly recently met to discuss how they would approach the upcoming Territorial Leadership Committee process.

Nominations for Premier will take place on November 30th in the Legislative Assembly Chamber. All members who self-nominate their interest in being Premier will deliver a speech that is no more than 20 minutes in length. When all Candidates for Premier have given their speeches, the proceedings for the day will adjourn until December 7th.

The first order of business for the Territorial Leadership Committee on December 7th, 2023 will be the selection of the Speaker. Members interested in running for this position will self-nominate and have up to 10 minutes to deliver a speech supporting their candidacy. If only one person is nominated, that person is acclaimed, if an election is required the Speaker will then be chosen by ballot.

Following the election of the Speaker, the pre-nominated candidates for Premier will participate in a question-and-answer session with the Members. All Members not running for Premier will be permitted to ask up to two questions and candidates will be given two minutes to respond. Upon completion of the question-and-answer session, Members will cast ballots to elect the Premier of the 20th Legislative Assembly.

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The third order of business will be the selection of the Executive Council. Members wishing to be considered for Executive Council will have the opportunity to make a speech of up to 10 minutes. Each Member who has not self-nominated for a cabinet position will have the opportunity to ask the candidates one question.  Candidates will be given two minutes to respond. The Executive Council will be selected by ballot, with separate ballots for each geographic area.

The voting will be conducted in the Chamber, once all members have voted, the Chamber will be cleared of members. The ballots will be counted at the Clerk’s Table by the Clerk, Deputy Clerks, and the results will be certified by the Law Clerk or Deputy Law Clerk.

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