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Construction Begins on the 29th Snowking Festival

Construction has officially begun on Yellowknife’s annual Snowking Winter Festival, with an invitation from the King himself being issued for all residents to attend the opening in March.

As always, the opening ceremony will see Snowking saw through the front door of the castle to welcome the city in. The following month will see a number of events take place, from musical performances to artistic presentations. It also provides a unique and exciting location for kids to play, with several ice slides constructed along the castle walls.

“It’s what we do to celebrate winter, especially this coming year, to bring a big dose of cheer and surprise to the city,” says Freeze Frame (Bill Braden), President of the Snowkings’ Winter Festival Society. “We’re one of Canada’s signature winter events, we’re intensely proud of it, and we won’t disappoint.”

Construction on the castle began this past weekend. Snow carving veterans began harvesting the first of an estimated 400 ice blocks that will be used for windows and other castle decorations. Proper construction will begin on New Years’ Day, with tours of the construction area scheduled for later in January.

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The castle will also once again host the International Snow Sculpting Symposium for the 8th year in a row. This year will see nine teams begin work on their projects on March 1st. Over on the main stage, this year saw as many as 120 different applications for events to host inside the castle. Reverse Raffle tickets will also be on sale in early December, giving participants a chance to win $5,000.

Freeze Frame added that there has been a team of builders, project managers, and board members who have been working on this year’s festival since the middle of summer.

“It wouldn’t be possible without the generous support of ticket buyers, dozens of local and Northern businesses, visitors, and all three levels of government.”

The 29th Snowking Winter Festival will have it’s door sawed open for the public at noon on March 2nd, 2024!

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