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GNWT Finalizes New Health Benefits Policy

The GNWT has finalized the new Extended Health Benefits Policy, with the goal of making healthcare more equitable for NWT Residents.

This new policy will give NWT residents additional benefits beyond those already covered by the existing Health Care Plan. The previous policy did not provide equitable access to drug therapies and preventative services. The new policy will take effect on April 1st, 2024, and will offer better access to more health benefits for residents with low income who are not covered by the current policy.

Key changes in the new Extended Health Benefits Policy include:

– Introduction of income assessment: The new policy promotes fairness and equitable access by introducing an income assessment process to determine eligibility for all benefits, except for benefits accessed by seniors.

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– Removal of specified disease condition: The new policy eliminates having a specified disease condition to access benefits. This change ensures that residents can access a comprehensive suite of benefits without being restricted by the requirement of a limited number of specific medical conditions.

– A suite of benefits for all residents: The new policy offers a range of benefits, each with its own eligibility criteria and levels of coverage. This approach provides flexibility and accommodates diverse healthcare needs.

The GNWT is working on a way to smoothly introduce and implement this plan into action. This includes setting income assessment levels to provide fair and reasonable cost-sharing; establishing and communicating clear guidelines; and hiring and training implementation staff.

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